On the topic of Priorities

Making Time for God in Your Life

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget that God desires our love. He prefers a simple card that comes from our heart, rather than a thousand eloquent words with no meaning behind them. God wants us to sit at His feet and listen to Him. He wants us to stop rushing from His presence, in order to do things that breathe temporary value, because even the good things, if not done with God in the midst of it, will not have lasting value. They will be a chore list to get done, rather than an offering of love.

Don’t Give God Your Leftovers

In Genesis 4, two men offer a sacrifice to God. Abel is respected for his offering, Cain is not. Was God against vegetables, the offering brought by Cain? Shouldn’t just bringing a sacrifice be sufficient? What is the deeper meaning here?

Parenting Uncut

As parents we desire the very best for our kids. We want to love them with all that we are, but it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that parenting is hard. We mess up daily. This conflicting interest of desiring the best for our kids while being imperfect is a tough battle. Not only do we fall short with things we can change, but feel overwhelmed by things we can’t change.